Jan 20, 2013

Prism Designs & Miamai & Bella's Lullaby & [F]uchOn


Calça: Prism Designs. BMH # 28  v2. L$0
Sapatos: Miamai. Miamai_Candy Pumps_Resolution SPECIAL GIFT. Presente do grupo, L$0
Bolsa: Bella's Lullaby. BL January Gift. BL January Gift. Presente do grupo, L$0
Blusa: [F]uchOn. .::[F]uchOn HNYH #9. Happy New Years Hunt, vista a tag do grupo (L$5 o ingresso) e procure por 15 chapéus escritos "Happy New Year".

Pants: Prism Designs. BMH # 28  v2. Free
Shoes: Miamai. Miamai_Candy Pumps_Resolution SPECIAL GIFT. Group gift, free
Bag: Bella's Lullaby. BL January Gift. BL January Gift. Group gift, free
Shirt: [F]uchOn. .::[F]uchOn HNYH #9. Happy New Years Hunt wear your group tag, L$5 fee and find the 15 Black Hats (with Happy New Year written inside with silver glitter).

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